Exfoliate and its Benefits

We have all probably been told to exfoliate our skin but why? Exfoliating the skin can be beneficial for various reasons. Exfoliation is able to make the skin appear livelier because it roves the surface layer of dead skin cells and bacteria that accumulate. 😊
It can also trigger collagen to be produced! With this, exfoliating the skin, whether it’s our face or body would be great.⭐️ 
Although there are benefits of exfoliating, it’s not something that should be done everyday because over exfoliating can make the skin become dry and irritated.
It would be fine to do this 2-3 times a week but to be safe, it can be done once a week. This applies for body scrubs and for face scrubs (however you should be careful if you have sensitive skin!) 🌸 1 cup of brown sugar
¼ cup of coconut oil (optional because coconut oil can lead to breakouts! You can add a different essential oil )
⭐️STEPS ⭐️
🧡Add tea bags to the hot water. Add coconut oil (OPTIONAL) and mix with sugar when the tea has cooled down
🧡Depending on the consistency of the mixture, you add can more oil if it’s too crumbly or more sugar if it’s soggy
🧡Apply on the skin or save the scrub for later!